10 Healthy soup for This winter

Winter is the time of the season where all one wants to do is sit at home snuggled into bed and avoid going out in the cold weather. One key way to warm up the soul is to devour some filling and energetic soups to feel nice and cozy. Soups are a wonderful source of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that can be the preferred source of energy for your body during the season. Adding a piece of steamy bread such as garlic or cheddar bread, you’ll get the extra crunch element making a wholesome dish. You can include a variety of ingredients and create a fusion of flavors. Here are 10 soup recipes that can provide you comfort during the winter season!

  1. Chicken corn soup

One nourishing recipe to try, chicken corn soup the most commonly made soup throughout the world! It is super easy to put together and speaks directly to the heart!

  1. Beetroot soup

This seasonal vegetable is packed with essential nutrients and fiber and when combined with additional vegetables of your liking and different spices, this soup can be served either hot or cold!

  1. Cabbage soup

Cabbage soup is greatly popular with those looking forward to losing weight and is recommended by many for being a healthy and nutritious meal. This soup can ate either hot or cold with spicy peppers added for the extra punch of flavor and it aids in rapid metabolism at the same time.

  1. Vegetable soup

Adding vegetables into a bowl of soup will provide you a wonderful source of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Chicken or vegetable broth can be added to bring out the flavors. There can never be too much vegetable soup made as even when reheated, this soup tastes just as delicious!

  1. Hummus soup

Hummus and pita bread is a classic snack that many love to munch on. A hummus soup is just as delicious to eat away at. The chickpeas act as an appetite suppressant and the tahini aids at a metabolism boost.

  1. Apple and celery soup

With the addition of apple into your soup, this apple and celery combination brings out the flavors by complementing each other. This soup is a great way to experiment with different ingredients and bring out your hidden talent.

  1. Lentil soup

This easy to make yet yummy soup consists of canned beans and different legumes and vegetables of your liking. With the addition of spices, this simple soup can provide a punch of flavor in every bite.

  1. Mushroom soup

Mushroom soup is a simple and earthy soup with subtle ingredients that can easily be made in a short period. With the addition of butter, cream, and milk, this soup can be an absolute hit for a cozy night in with loved ones.

  1. Tomato basil soup

Having a scrumptious taste and thick texture, this soup can taste just as wonderful if also eaten the next day. Being rich in natural vitamins and minerals, this versatile soup is the perfect main course meal.

  1. Black bean tortilla soup

With black beans, corn and tortilla strips this hearty soup packed with protein and fiber. Cooked in a tomato-rich broth and amped up with a variety of spices.

Regardless of whatever type of soup you prefer; they all are rich bowls of nutritious goodness leaving you wanting more. And what’s better than to devour a hot bowl of soup with a loaf of bread right after a long day?