10 simple recipes to recycle overripe bananas

You have an overripe banana in the fruit bowl and you don’t want to throw it away? Take inspiration from our 10 tips for recycling it as a tasty snack or dessert.

1.The sweet sandwich

Recycle the old banana at the same time as a chocolate spread, a delicious combination that will fill you up until dinner. You just cut the banana into rings and wedge them between two slices of bread.

2.The banana cake

Cut the overripe banana into small pieces, mash it with a fork or throw it in the blender before incorporating it into the dough of a cake. You bring out the flavor of this cake and usefully recycle your abandoned fruit.

3. banana yogurt

This is a very simple and very tasty recipe: you mash your old banana with a fork and gradually add the contents of a pot of yogurt to it. You can season this little dessert with cinnamon or vanilla sugar to enhance the taste.

4.The express smoothie

If in addition to your decadent banana you also have a crumpled apple and a slightly softened lemon, throw these three fruits in a juicer to prepare a healthy drink full of vitamins.

5. Vitamin compote

Have you inherited a bunch of overripe bananas on the market? Make it a compote to put in jars like jam. Just peel them, cut them into rings, and cook them with a little water and lemon juice. Add cinnamon and put in airtight jars.

6.Fast dessert

Cut the skin of an old banana lengthwise, stuff the chocolate chips or household chocolate cut into small pieces. Bake for a few minutes or until the chocolate has melted. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it’s sublime!

7.Homemade ice cream

Here is a very simple recipe where you freeze 3 to 4 old bananas cut into rings. You throw them frozen in a blender with a can of condensed milk, the juice of a small lemon, and a little vanilla sugar. You switch on the appliance and serve immediately to keep a soft consistency.

8 apple/banana pie

Withered apples and old bananas form a shock duo on a pie quickly made with commercial shortcrust pastry, a custard made with crème fraîche and eggs beaten with sugar and your fruit cut into pieces. Bake everything for 45 minutes in a fairly hot oven (thermostat 4 or 5 depending on your appliance).

9.Fried bananas

Overripe bananas are ideal for making a sweet fry that children will love. Beat 2 eggs in a bowl, add the crème fraîche, cinnamon, a little cornstarch, and vanilla sugar, then dip the banana rings in this mixture before frying them in the pan in butter or l neutral vegetable oil, like grapeseed oil.

10.Chocolate / banana pancakes

Prepare a classic pancake batter and brown the bananas cut into rings in a pan. When they have taken color, place them on your pancakes and cover everything with a drizzle of household chocolate melted in a double boiler. This is to damn the followers of the green bean line!